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Seize Every Opportunity, regardless of how small it is

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Each and every one of us wants to succeed in studies and in life, and we have been told that its only through hard work that it is possible to achieve the study and life goals that we want in life.

However, if you work blindly towards your goals, neglecting chances and opportunities that has been offered to you since you only believed in ‘hard work’, then I am confident to tell you that it is NEVER possible.

Bill Gates, a name that rings the bell whenever we think of “the world’s richest man”, he has an astonishing net-worth of 108.3 billion USD at the time this article was written, and had taken a placing on the podium for countless of times throughout his whole lifetime.

There was a famous interview with Bill Gates conducted by a female journalist, which asked him, “Sir, what is the secret of your success?”. Bill Gates did not say anything, but just took out a cheque from his cheque book and told her to write down any amount she wanted.

She then said, “I do not mean this, sir,” and she repeated her question, phrasing it in another manner just in case she thought she was unclear. He gave her the same answer by handing her the cheque she refused to collect previously, and once again, she declined Bill Gates’ offer.

He then proceeded to tear the cheque, and said to her, “The secret to my success is that I don’t miss opportunities as you did now. You could have been the richest broadcaster in the world.

Opportunities in life is so important that it must work hand-in-hand with hard work in order to bear the fruits of your labor. You must learn to grab each and every opportunity whenever you have the chance, no matter how small it seems.

First of all, you must be prepared for the amount of hardship and obstacles you are about to face, and brace yourself for it. Let’s face it: It is close to impossible to succeed on the first try, even if you do, there will be endless setbacks that you will encounter.

For example, a global economic recession like the latest one due to the coronavirus, struggling to keep your business in operations due to the lack of funding, a sudden withdrawal of the influential investors in your company, lack of diversification in your company’s products to boost sales, etc.’.

These are all inevitable, but what’s crucial is that you should devise a plan for each and every possible scenario way before it happens, so that the company’s structural integrity will remain stable/ recover rapidly even if a setback were to surface. This helps to maintain the people’s confidence and faith in the management system of the company.

Secondly, you must know that regardless of how much you prepare, it will never be enough. In other words, you must be able to accept failures. This might sound contradicting to the first point, but it is an essential point to note. Even with a devised plan, the lack of experience in a certain field will render failure to prevail, which is why you must learn to adopt a mentality of strong resilience and perseverance, so in the event of a failure, you will still be able to clench and grit your teeth to push yourself to move on.

Learn to embrace the failures in your life and pick out the lessons learnt from your mistakes. Just remember this: You know that you are on the right path if things stopped being easy.

Thirdly, in order to seize each and every opportunity possible, you must not let fear drag you down. People tend to be afraid of the possible repercussions when you first try to step out of your comfort zones. That is certainly for sure, but you must know that fear will only weigh you down by feeding the inner demons that fuel your insecurities and make you suffer by causing you to feel inferior to others when you see their successes.

So, learn to understand that growth comes from the exploration in regions of uncertainty, and only through this will you be able to open up to new and higher grounds to achieve your successes.

Last but not least, expand your social circle, increase your connections with people around the world. It might seem a little far-fetched, but we must know that opportunities come in all sort of different manners, just like how people come from all walks of life.

Limiting yourself from interactions is as good as losing the chance to potentially meet a new business partner. Building good relations with regardless whoever it is, it can be your colleagues, it can be your classmates but so long you treat them all equally with respect and no discrimination, help each and every person to the best of your ability when you see them struggling, this important interpersonal skill will never fail to bring you success in your future endeavors.

In conclusion, it is necessary for us to learn to seize opportunities at every chance we have, regardless of how “unbeneficial” you think it is, because one day, it will reward you in ways you would have never expected it, and trust me: you will thank your past self for that decision you made when the butterfly effect (Future article) matures.

Seize every opportunity, strike at every chance you get and not wait for it to come to you, because if you do, you will be six feet under before the opportunity gets to you.

That is all we have for today’s article, and Math Lobby hopes that you managed to learn a great deal out of the advices we have for you. If you ever need any help, feel free to contact Math Lobby via our Facebook or Instagram pages. Remember to stay safe and stay grinding for the better future of yours!

As always: Work hard, stay motivated and we wish all students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby!

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