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How to study smart for singapore exams


How to study smart and excel in Singapore exams? Is there a way I can study smart and not study hard? These are the most commonly asked questions by parents and students in Singapore. 



Through many years of experience (since 2008) in the education/tuition industry, I realized that many students are actually studying hard and yet they are not getting the grades they want. Some even sacrificed their sleep and leisure time to put in extra hours but they still fail to meet the mark.

On the other hand, there are some students who always seem to excel in every subject they take and they are putting in much lesser hours than the others. Why is this so? The difference actually lies in their Study Skills and Examination Strategies.

Equipping students with the right study skills and examination strategies will help to increase productivity and maximize their potential in studies. This helps them achieve their desired grades in the most efficient way enabling them to free up more time for other activities.

Despite knowing the importance of good study skills and examination strategies, schools are not putting in the time to impart them to students as teachers are mostly busy with the school’s curriculum and subject syllabus.

Hence, I hope through these articles on how to study smart and my Study Skills and Examination Strategies book , I can help students overcome this major problem and equip them with the necessary skills and strategies needed to do well for examinations in Singapore.


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