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How to choose study over play

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Do you find it hard to concentrate on your studies? Are you easily distracted by your mobile phone or games when studying?

Don’t worry, Math Lobby will teach you 3 study tips to help you choose work over play during this circuit breaker period!

1. Think long term benefits over short term benefits

Picture your future you. What would your future you be like if you only focus on instant gratifications now? Are you able to land your dream job or even a job? Are you able to earn enough money to support yourself and your family? These thoughts will strike fear and help you to think more rationally.

The fear of being jobless will motivate you to study rather than play. The fear of not being able to support your family will strike even greater fear in you as it is no longer just you. Your whole family is dependent on you to succeed as well.

Do you want to let your family down and make them suffer with you just because you choose to enjoy the instant gratifications from playing games and watching TV? I bet you will choose to study and not be a let-down.

2. The technique of delayed gratifications

As much as we know the importance of investing in your future, there should always be a time for leisure and fun as well. Taking some time off work can actually help to refresh your mind, improve your mood and motivate you to study better. I am going to teach you the technique of delayed gratifications which you can use to strike a balance between working and investing in your future success while still enjoy instant gratifications in the process.

Delayed gratification is a technique which you focus on work first and put off fun till your task is done. This is a very powerful technique as you can use temptations such as games, outings, watching movies etc. as sources of motivation. It helps you focus better and become more productive when you study, knowing that you can go all out and play after your work is done.

Delayed gratification helps you to strike a balance between work and play easily. You will find that work becomes less mundane and more fulfilling this way.

3. Set punishments if you fail to complete your task

Setting rewards and incentives are good ways to become more productive. However, for most students, setting punishments might be the better way.

Are you motivated by rewards or fear? Do you perform better knowing that there is an incentive after your task is completed or do you perform better knowing that there are consequences to be faced if you fail to complete your task?

If you are motivated by fear, one strategy you can adopt is to set punishments for failing to complete your task. For example, you can ban yourself from video games for 2 days if you fail to complete the assigned tasks for the day.

Make sure that the punishment is something that will make you feel uncomfortable and regretful for not doing your work. It should not be something like, ‘Do 5 push-ups if I fail to finish my homework’. That sort of punishment is too minute. You will feel that it does not really matter if you fail to finish your work.

Math Lobby Action Plan

Don’t let what you learnt go to waste. It is time to take action. Think about how you can implement these 3 study tips in your studies and apply them today.

The circuit breaker will be only be over on 1st June 2020. Don’t waste this period away. Use this period to catch up, revise and strive for your desired grades. All the best guys!

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