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I am studying for myself

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Math Lobby believes that many of you would have asked yourself these questions. Why am I studying? Why am I attending school and tuition? Why are my parents forcing me to attend classes?

When I was younger, these thoughts were always in my head too. I was distracted in lessons. I copied my classmates’ work. There were even times which I skipped school and tuition classes just to go out and have fun with my friends.

Till today, I regretted my actions. I was fortunate enough to straighten out my thoughts when I was in Secondary 2. I found my purpose of studying. I realised that I am not studying for my parents, my teachers or my friends. I’m studying for myself.

Math Lobby wants you to understand that you are studying for yourself. Find your purpose of studying today. List down your top 3 reasons on why you should study hard on a piece of paper. Stick it on your study table. Remind yourself that these are the reasons why you are studying!

For those who wants to help motivate other students, list down your top 3 reasons for studying in the comments section below! Let us strive to achieve excellence together.

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