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Mathematics group tuition or one-to-one mathematics tuition?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Hello, students of Math Lobby! If you are reading this this article, it’s either you are a student of Math Lobby, or you have been introduced by someone to this website and chanced upon this article somehow.

If you have been introduced to this website by someone else, you are most probably facing some difficulties in your secondary school education journey – Mathematics in particular. Now, you must be wondering which type of math tuition you should go for – Math Group tuition? Or a one-to-one Math tuition?

Therefore, Math Lobby is here today to help you weigh out the pros and cons of both math group tuitions and one-to-one math tuitions.

This will give you a rough idea on which type of math tuition you should go for based on the different objectives you have in mind. Let’s begin!

Pros of group tuition

1) Healthy Competition

Scientific studies show that secondary school students which are experiencing adolescence are impacted by the process of puberty, which leads to changes in their cognitive mindset.

This means that they shift from the idea of being dependent on their parents, to being independent and start having their own ways of thinking, which includes the act of comparison with their peers in school.

The main difference between a group tuition and a private one-to-one tuition is the number of students attending the session.

By having a group tuition, students listen and learn together, which drives them to compete with each other when they are clear of their own grades and are able to view and compare with the progress of others.

This encourages and motivates them to try and outperform one another with a friendly, competitive spirit.

2) Able to engage in group discussions

The ability to engage in group discussions during a group tuition is extremely beneficial as students are always offered the chance to voice out about their opinions to receive constructive feedback, allowing them to be aware of the rights and wrongs of their understandings of certain chapters and topic, letting them rectify the mistakes on the spot to prevent further misconceptions.

Students are also able to practice and sharpen their soft skills by interacting with one another, which will be deemed useful in their future endeavours.

Math Lobby offers an article specifically discussing on the benefits of having a group study session, which points are closely related to group tuition, and you can check them out above!

3) Motivating environment

Students that are more prone to procrastinations and experience difficulty focusing and studying alone will find themselves in a better, more conducive studying environment when they attend group tuitions.

The concept of an active discussion among the students after going through a chapter by the tutor will place a healthy amount of pressure on the students to push them harder to concentrate on the lessons as they will tend to feel embarrassed if they chose to daydream and is unaware of what went on during the lesson.

The idea of not wanting to be an outcast during the after-lesson group discussion will strike them and make them focus better.

Even for students that experience difficulty in understanding certain topics, with the presence and support of their peers will make them understand that they will not “walk alone” in this journey.

Tutors will ensure that their students are aware that they are receptive towards their feedback and will make constant changes to do their best to aid the students in the most effective way possible.

4) More affordable

Group tuitions are generally more affordable compared to private one-to-one tuitions, so for students that have families that are experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to consider group tuitions to lessen their financial burdens.

Cons of group tuition

1) Difficult for introverted students to voice out

Despite having a conducive environment that is receptive towards the questions of the students, some students might still experience difficulty voicing out due to their natural introverted personalities.

In such cases, students are recommended to consider private one-to-one tuitions instead as being in an uncomfortable environment for the students will not yield much of the positive results as shown in the previous points above.

Parents are to note that this is a matter of personal preference of the students, and worries should not be placed on the students as it is not a major problem.

2) Pace of the lesson is fixed

Group tuitions’ pace of teaching are usually based on the general level of understanding by the students in the group.

Therefore, for slower students that requires more time to understand certain concepts, private one-to-one tuitions are more suitable because tutors will be able to place more focus and emphasis on them to make them learn better.

Pros of private one-to-one tuition

1) Undivided attention

When it comes to private one-to-one tuitions, the main plus side is that the tutor will be focused on your needs and answer your queries throughout the whole session.

This also allows the tutor to quickly understand and pinpoint your mistakes and shortcomings to help you in areas that you are generally weaker in more effectively.

Hence, private one-to-one tuitions are generally more suitable for students that have a weaker foundation right from the start and requires more personal attention to guide them throughout.

2) Personalized lesson objectives

Private one-to-one tuitions are also known for its personalized lesson objectives, which is targeted towards a student’s specific weaker area of understanding.

Unlike group tuitions which are hosted and progress with the pace of the group’s general level of understanding, private one-to-one tuitions enable tutors to craft a customized version of an objective plan for the student based on what they require the most help in.

Students will then not have to waste any time in going through chapters and topics that they already have a good understanding on and is able to proceed with the chapters they have difficulties in straight away.

3) Flexibility

Private one-to-one tuitions are generally more flexible, meaning that instead of students having to accommodate to the fixed schedules of group tuitions to attend, students have the luxury of discussing the best time to engage in a tuition session with the tutor and can adjust freely based on the school curriculum and additional co-curriculum activities that they might have after school.

4) Saves time

Engaging in private one-to-one tuitions will not require students to leave their accommodations as tuitions will typically be hosted at the students’ house or anywhere the students deem convenient.

This also gives the students a choice of the environment they deem the most conducive to study in, which will aid them in having a more productive and efficient tuition session.

Cons of private one-to-one tuition

1) Higher cost

One down side of engaging in a private one-to-one tuition is the costly tuition fee. Compared to group tuitions, private one-to-one tuitions are typically more expensive as they cater to one student at a time, which incurs the difference of fees when tutors engage in a group tuition that has more students in a session.

Hence, private one-to-one sessions are generally recommended for families that are within the middle-income range or above, as the costs of the tuition fees incurred monthly is quite significant.

2) Potentially slower progress compared to a group tuition

Students engaging in private one-to-one session do not typically feel the pressure of competition with their peers as compared to group tuitions. Hence, they tend to be more laid back and has a lower drive.

The lack of comparison might make them misjudge their speed of progress and cause them to fall short of the expected standards in school.

Tutors must be competent enough to take notice and address this issue to the students, but ultimately, it is still up to the students to put in the additional effort in their work to excel.

In conclusion, regardless of a group tuition or a private one-to-one tuition, what is most important is to find the best way to seek assistance for the students and make the choices based on their personal preference and the path that they can receive help efficiently and excel in.

Therefore, it is key for parents and guardians to seek the views of their young ones before making any decisions.

And that’s all for today, students! Math Lobby hopes that after reading through this article, you are able to identify and weigh the pros and cons of being in a group tuition and being in a private one-to-one tuition, which can serve as a guide to help you find the best way you can seek help in your studies!

If you have any pending questions, please do go on to our Facebook page, Instagram or contact us directly at Math Lobby!

We have certified mathematics tutors to aid you in your journey to becoming a better student!

As always: Work hard, stay motivated and we wish all students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby!

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