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Stop saying “I will TRY…”, start saying “I will DO…”!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Have you ever gotten back a test and it’s not a grade that you expected yourself to get?

Or have you been asked by a teacher if you are able to hit a certain target grade by the next mid-term examination and is then left speechless, only able to give a depressing sigh?

A typical un-motivated individual will always reply, “I am not sure about that, but I will try my best.” When you tell someone else that you will “try”, it is essentially setting a lower target bar in your mind and your brain will recognize it as a secondary goal. This means that you do not have the vigor, the confidence and discipline to achieve that goal, but it’s just a mere dream that you WISH to hit.

In order to start taking the first step and boost your confidence and start riling up that passion in your heart, you must start telling yourself, “I will DO my best to achieve it.”. By saying this, this will be engraved in your mind as a signal to tell your brain that this is a PRIMARY goal, and it’s a main objective for your mind to work on.

This applies for everything we do in life- whenever we set a target, we should always set it ABOVE the targeted aim, and not exactly the goal you want to hit. This is because we tend to associate our targets and goals with the amount of effort we place into the particular task, and a lower target will always condition our mind to view it as “easy” in oppose to the higher target. Hence, our minds get lazy and we will put in less effort than the desire input.

For example, you always score a range of B3-B4 range for O Level Mathematics, but you strive to do better the next time and want to achieve an A2 standard. Then do you set to hit a target for A2?

No! Always remember to set a target higher than whatever you want, so that it stimulates your brain and generate a moderate amount of stress to kickstart your thinking and rile up that passion of yours. However, if you do fall short of your projected target, DO NOT GIVE UP! Give your brain some time to acclimatize into the “I will not TRY, but DO” mentality, so just stick with it and press on!

If you want to begin this “I will DO it!” journey with us, you can start by:

1) Setting high goals that you think you can achieve if you push yourself hard enough

2) Revise key concepts and make sure your foundation is strong, which is the key to identifying the topics tested in a question

3) NEVER tell yourself that you cannot do it, what we want is to soar above the skies, and not just tread across the finish line

Perseverance is key, so bear these in mind and stick to it! Wishing all the students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby!

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