Top 5 reasons why students fail their examinations

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Hello, students of Math Lobby! Today, we will be going through the top 5 reasons why students fail their examinations in school.

We do understand that it is extremely de-motivating to experience such a low period, hence we are here to help you understand the reasons behind it and how you can become aware of the underlying issues so that you can avoid it to make you a better student. Let’s begin!

1. Lack of preparation

This point is quite self-explanatory. The number one reason why students have a hard time passing their subjects is because they only start studying a week before their examinations.

This has always been the norm for many students as they are experiencing adolescence during their time in secondary school, which leads to them being more pro-active and have a difficult time concentrating.

This is why Math Lobby has articles that offer tips and advices in aiding students that have poor concentration and focus during their revisions, which you can check them out right on the link above!

Students also face issues with distractions as they tend to prioritize outings with friends, engaging in recreational activities like catching the latest movies, indulging in restaurants with trendy food and filming “Tiktok” videos.

This led to the negligence of their studies because they always have the mentality of “the deadline of the assignments is still far ahead”, or “there is no need to study for the upcoming examinations as of now, because recapping few days before will be sufficient”.

This is a prime example of how procrastination strikes and cause students to make poor decisions, which Math Lobby has articles covering it as well, and you can check them out above!

2. Poor time management

Coming in second place, another culprit of examination failure is also known to be the bane of all students – time.

Even if you are fully prepared for an examination, equipped with all the necessary knowledge to answer the questions and understood the key concepts like the back of your hand, it will mean absolutely nothing if you are unable to pen everything down on the paper during the examination.