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‘Study 18 hours every day and you will do well!’ ‘Don’t waste your time sleeping! 4 hours of sleep is enough, you should be studying!’


These are the commonly heard ‘study advice’ given by people around you. Have you tried any of them? Are they working for you? None of the above advice is sustainable and they are in fact ridiculous. You will not even function properly with just 4 hours of sleep every day, let alone study. 

On the other hand, is there a ‘classmate’ of yours who always scores well in exams? He always has the answers to all questions. What’s better? He always plays basketball after school while you rush home to clock your study hours. When results are out, he tops the class while you struggle to pass. 

You could be thinking that life is unfair, isn’t it? Maybe he is smart and I’m not. Maybe I’m not studying hard enough. Maybe I should study for 20 hours a day? Maybe I should sleep for 2 hours a day from now on! 

Think about it. Is that ‘classmate’ studying 20 hours a day? Is he sleeping only 2 hours a day? Is he really smarter than you?  


So what is separating you from that ‘classmate’? The answer is good study skills and examination strategies! With good study skills and examination strategies, you will be able to achieve more in a shorter period of time. You will be able to free up more time for other activities.

Do you want to spend 20 hours a day studying and barely scrape through your exams? Or do you want to be that ‘classmate’ who always tops the class while juggling well between studies and leisure? You make the choice!


Learn how to STUDY SMART with our Study Skills and Examination Strategies workshops and consultations below. Also, be sure to check out our Study Skills and Examination Strategies guidebook which includes 13 chapters worth of strategies you need to study smart and achieve your desired grades. 


Study Skills & Examination Strategies Workshop

Focused workshop of 2-10 students

One to One Study Skills & Examination Strategies Consultation

1 to 1 (Face to Face) consultation with our Study Skills Instructor


 Study Skills & Examination Strategies Consultation

1 to 1 online consultation with our Study Skills Instructor

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