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Benefits of using mind maps

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

If you are here, most likely you have already read the article Math Lobby Study Tip- How to study more efficiently using mind maps. If you haven’t, check it out first over here before reading this article! Math Lobby has many other amazing study tips, study motivation and secondary math articles for you secondary school students, so be sure to check all of them out, we are sure you will find something you like and deem useful!

In the previous article, we discussed about how to create a mind map to aid your learning process to stop it from its mundane ways. Today, we will be talking about a number of advantages where you can benefit from using those mind maps. Let’s begin!

1. Improves comprehension

Nowadays, more often than not, issues students face during lectures or lesson times are regarding how difficult it is to comprehend the teachings because of how fast-paced it usually is.

During times when students are doing their own revisions, they only have their textbooks with them, and it is important for them to understand the concepts in those textbooks when no one is around to guide them. Therefore, through reliance on graphics, studies by information mapping expert, Robert E. Horn, show that when words and visual elements are used with each other, it forms something new and has the potential to increase the capacity to mentally take in information.

2. Sticks in long term memory

Another common difficulty faced by students is the complacency when examination ends. They tend to chuck what they have studied for the examinations aside because it is “not needed anymore”, until the next time when they need it again. Having to go on with the dreaded arduous revisions once again, it is a vicious cycle that just seems so difficult to break out of.

However, through using mind maps to study, it allows the brain to retain information, and tap on it whenever they see the same mind map again. It helps for them to gain back the knowledge quicker and cuts short revision periods. Hence, there is no need to burn the midnight oil or jam everything during a last-minute revision.

Associating images in mind maps with words in a textbook is like summarizing at its finest, it takes up such little time compared to the hours spent on reading the textbooks and retaining less than half of what this method could bring!

3. Boost confidence

Through points 1 & 2, the long and arduous journey of having to flip a textbook starting from page 1 once again kills the mood for a student to study, which I am sure most of you could relate to. On the other hand, with this new found method of mind mapping, the ease of learning is so satisfying that it hypes you up with confidence. Remember: Having confidence before entering any battlefield is half the battle won!

4. Speeds up the learning process

If you are a student that has very short attention span, then you must definitely try out this mind mapping method. Since this method helps you to learn quicker and understand better, you will not have an issue trying to concentrate and attempt to squeeze 1001 things into your mind overnight!

At the very beginning, try to focus for 1 hour per revision session with the help of mind mapping your topics. As you progress and grow more comfortable with this method, since it is now easier to retain information, any additional time you spent studying will only reinforce your understanding of the concepts better! Trust Math Lobby, you will thank yourself at the end of an examination!

That’s all we have for today, we hope that everyone of you understand how much edge you can actually get in using a mind map during your studying process, so what are you waiting for?

Starting mind mapping! Apart from this, Math Lobby’s study skills and examination strategies workshop includes many other examination strategies and methods to help you get that ace you have always wanted, so feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

As always: Work hard, stay motivated and I wish all students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby.

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