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How hungry are you for success?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Many of us want to be successful in life, but we all know that it doesn’t come easy. Despite knowing that hard work and effort must be in place before yielding any form of accomplishment is possible, majority of us still chose to sit there and procrastinate while dreaming of “the fruit of labor” approaching by itself.

A world renowned ex-professional wrestler and now actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once said, “Be the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘Oh crap, he’s up.’”. A typical normal person that leads a healthy lifestyle will work out for about an hour or two for about three days a week, but that’s not the case for “The Rock” – His bowling-ball-sized shoulders, massive chest and well-defined abdominal muscles are chiseled and sculpted by his rigorous workouts and intense diet meal plans. Dwayne Johnson revealed that he spends about 12 hours training in a single day, for 6 days a week. Let’s admit it: An average Joe can never achieve those standards just by simply sitting around and making excuses for himself.

Now, I am not telling you to be like Dwayne Johnson - have massive muscles and compete in Mr. Olympia, but let’s just focus on his mindset. The way he doesn’t have to pull himself up early in the morning and groggily complain about being tired, drag his body through the long day and then head back home crashing into the bed, which after everything just repeats again – It all boils down to how much determination you have, how hungry you are for that success you have always been thinking of!

By definition, determination is the measure of your firmness on a purpose. In order to start building your determination on a goal you have; you can start by creating personal habits to uphold to. By creating personal habits, you are essentially setting guidelines and a comfortable pace for you to embark on the journey in search for your success.

For example, if you have a major mid-year examination that’s just right around the corner and you know that you haven’t been doing much studying due to peer influences in hanging out after school for meals and movies. What you can do is by placing majority of your allowance into your savings every morning, leaving just enough for you to consume a meal during recess/lunch break. Through this way, you will not have enough money to go on costly meals or movies with your friends, hence forcing you to either stay in school to study or head home right after school. This way, you are able to focus on nothing but study without any distractions since you do not have the option to go out, and at the same time, you can cultivate the habit of saving. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

One habit you can start cultivating is the habit of saying “I will DO it” instead of “I will TRY to do it”. Math Lobby has written this article regarding the mindset and mentality you are programming yourself to have when you use different words in the journey of accomplishing and attaining an achievement, which will greatly benefit you in your education journey and into the society!

Another way of building up your determination is to always take immediate action when you think of something you want to do. Whenever we hesitate, we are bound to start coming up with excuses and ways to avoid the “difficult” task at hand, which is why setting your mind to always take action immediately right after thinking of a task you want to accomplish by the end of the day will be useful. This eliminates not only the potential excuses you will give yourself, but also eliminates the chances of you just sitting down and procrastinate throughout the day, lacking the productivity you need.

If you are determined to achieve a higher grade, regardless of it being from a fail to a pass, or from an A2 to an A1, Math Lobby will always be here to be of assistance! We have mathematics tuition available ranging from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5, regardless of stream, all are welcomed to join our family! So, what are you waiting for? Contact Math Lobby on Facebook, Instagram or even our very own website right now! It is never too late to begin this journey with Math Lobby, as long as you are determined to succeed!

As always: Work hard, stay motivated and we wish all students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby!

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