How not to let mistakes affect your studies

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Ahh! We all are dominated by some mistakes that we did in the past.

Don’t you feel that burden on your head all the time? That pain of failures… The guilt of not doing something that we could have done to make a change… There are unlimited emotions that are originated from our past…

But how long we can carry them along? Life has a lot to teach us at every next moment. But to learn those lessons, first, we need to open our arms for the new possibilities in life.

One needs to be progressive in every aspect of life. And to do this, first, we need to leave the yesterdays behind and start living in today.

There are so many beautiful things to explore ahead in life. But if your heart and mind are full of what happened yesterday, where you will keep the new hopes and opportunities of life.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t perform well in the test yesterday. It was a moment that passed away. But you have now learned the lesson, and you know your weakness. Maybe you failed to solve a specific type of question in the exam. So what? Is it fine to keep on recalling that failure and develop more fear for the next exam?

No! You need to accept that moment that passed. It helped you to know your weakness, and now you have to work hard to improve that. This is the lesson of life. Everything that happens, whether good or bad, it is there to teach us something… and these learnings make us a better human being for tomorrow.

Failures and mistakes should not pull your determination out. What happened yesterday should not refrain you from setting up new goals today. All you need to do is jot down the lessons of yesterday and wake up with the new hopes to cherish your today. There are lots of possibilities that may be hidden behind the pains of your yesterdays. But instead of advocating that devil, you must gear up yourself for new opportunities.

We have been teaching students of all age group from past several years at Math Lobby, and we have seen the mood swings they experience after failing in a certain exam. They even get afraid to prepare for the next one. And this is the biggest mistake they ever make.

You need to push yourself hard to live in today… instead of worrying about what happened yesterday. Nothing is here to stay longer. Only your determination can sustain as long as you feel strong internally.

If you believe in yourself, you can change the scenario today. Even if you failed in a test yesterday, maybe you will get the highest marks in the next test. But it can happen only when you stay determined and focused on your present. Don’t indulge yourself in some nostalgic kind of regrets. You cannot change what happened in the past. But yes, you have more control over your present, and if you work hard, you create a remarkable future.

Many of you might have a common question in mind, how can you step into today while carrying some dark emotions of yesterday somewhere deep inside. Well, there is a solution to every problem in life.