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How to Memorise Efficiently For Exams

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Apple? Does an image of red apple get formed in your mind? Great!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Pythagoras, algebra or determinants? Umm… Still guessing? Our mind naturally remembers the concepts which are easy and simple, however, it forgets the complex values as soon as the immediate requirement is over. How would you like if someone can help you in learning complex math formulae in a simplest way? Yes, what we are saying is true! Math Lobby has made it possible for every child to raise scores and glean insights into basics of mathematics.

Learn the mechanics of mathematics:

Algebra, trigonometry and calculus often become failure points for students because there is no one way to solve the equations. There are numerous interconnected ways to solve one equation, and it is not possible to memorize them, however it’s possible to learn them practically. It is significant to understand relationship between numbers and with little tips and tricks. The students might resist initially because of inertia but this is where Math Lobby aids students through personalized attention. Our teachers take 1:1 problem session so that students can understand mechanics of every method.

Trick to memorize is not to memorize at all:

Do you have to memorize how to identify apple when you are in fruit market? The answer is No! It should come naturally to you. With tricks taught at Math Lobby you can answer many difficult questions quickly. It’s because they help you learn fundamentals ideas and techniques. As a part of this one thing leads to another. For instance, you need to learn basic algebra before you jump on to complex questions of finding variables.

Promote strategic critical thinking:

The infinite topics of mathematics can be reduced to finite through various forms of compactness! It is possible only if your instructors have impressive knowledge of all topics and can help in building connection between X & Y. It is imperative to understand and maintain the harmony of conceptual space between two topics. A simple example would be BODMAS, while you might be aware of how division, multiplication etc. work separately, a logical connection among all will help you in solving many questions.

There is no shortcut to hard work:

We would like to iterate that there is no shortcut to hard work. However, few students fail to get their desired grades even after working hard. At Math Lobby, we help those students in structuring their mathematics course. Taking the same example as above, nobody can learn BODMAS without learning the components individually. We help students in sharpening their skills.

We provide academic freedom to our teachers at Math Lobby so they can tailor the requirements according to the needs of the students. Our faculty helps in sharing examination strategies and tools which can help students during their exams. We teach them way of making notes for quick revision in less amount of time. Also, our memorizing techniques helps students in excelling as they can strengthen their basics at the back of their mind while playing, eating or watching TV.

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