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Is stress good or bad for studies?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Is stress actually good or bad for students? How much stress is the right amount of stress for students to excel in studies? Let’s find out with Math Lobby today!

Since young, we have been taught by the society, by our education system, by our parents that stress, often than not, is bad and harmful for health. It causes us to feel lethargic, have pounding headaches, weakening immune system and insomnia.

What if I tell you that stress, can actually be BENEFICIAL to us?

If you are skeptical on this, then read on:

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adaptation or response. The type of bodily response may vary from physical to mental and emotional extents. According to a book by Professor Ian Robinson, namely “The Stress Test: how pressure can make you stronger and sharper”, a significant amount of stress acts as a good motivation for our mind to start being productive. It energizes and encourages us to do more, work harder and push us beyond our limits.

I am pretty sure you have heard of the term “No pain, no gain”, right? To a certain extent, this holds true. Low stress levels are perceived to be counterproductive; we have no motivation to move, we will be kept in the idling state because nothing is triggering our stress response in that sense. This relationship between stress and productivity is also known as “The Yerkes-Dodson Law”.

Now, how does our stress levels kickstart our productivity? We can easily observe these from our everyday life: deadlines to meet, meetings to hold, appointments to attend to. All of these are indeed factors that “bother” us every single day, and we only perceive them to be negative and want them to go away.

Have you realized something? It is only because of these deadlines, meetings and appointments that we are able to stop giving ourselves the excuses, stop procrastination, and work hard. We must learn to embrace some level of stress in our life and use it to serve as a fuel for our passion in what we do, and not surrender to it and let it consume us. Studying is part of our education growing up, it should make us grow and flourish and not just dictate our hierarchy in the societal perspective, hence we should never let it compromise our health.

Stress is indeed important for productivity. However, if the stress you are facing just seems to be too overwhelming and you are facing difficulties in focusing on your studies, please do not hesitate to voice out to your teachers, family members and of course Math Lobby!

Remember, we need some stress in our life to keep us going and striving for more, but once it starts consuming you from the inside, that is when stress begins to be bad for you. So, learn how to manage stress when you are preparing for a big examination, or when everything just seems too overwhelming.

I hope that through this article, each and everyone is able to understand how important stress can be in our life, and the potentially depressing side effects that comes along with it. Hence, we must be remember and learn how to keep stress optimal and beneficial to our health. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Math Lobby if you require help during with stress!

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