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Last topic is removed from 2021 N Level Math Examination

Last topic properties of circles is removed from the 2021 N Level Math Exam!

Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore announced that the last topic will be removed for the upcoming N Level Math 4045 examination in 2021.

For N Level students who are taking the 2021 N Level Math examination this year, do take note of the following.

Removal of last topic for N Level Math 4045 in 2021

Properties of circles will be removed from the N Level Math Examination (4045) in 2021.

Details of removed content are as follows:

Symmetry properties of circles:

  • equal chords are equidistant from the centre

  • the perpendicular bisector of a chord passes through the centre

  • tangents from an external point are equal in length

  • the line joining an external point to the centre of the circle bisects the angle between the tangents

Angle properties of circles:

  • angle in a semicircle is a right angle

  • angle between tangent and radius of a circle is a right angle

  • angle at the centre is twice the angle at the circumference

  • angles in the same segment are equal

  • angles in opposite segments are supplementary

Do also take note that there will be no change in the 2021 N Level Math Examination Dates and 2021 N Level Math Formula Sheet.

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