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Why does my child hate studying?

We truly believe that parents who are reading this article right now must be facing some sort of difficulty trying to get your child to start studying.

We do understand the feeling of frustration: Being at work the whole day while constantly worrying about your child at home.

After work, the exhaustion and tiredness set in once your reach your doorstep as you hesitate to open the main door in fear of being greeted by a scene of disappointment once again.

The moment that door swings open, and there you go unable to control your emotions and start lashing out at your child for being on their electronic device for the whole day.

In the long run, this daily occurrence will definitely wear parents out, hitting the level of desperation and mental fatigue. So, what can you do as a parent to ensure your child gets their work done and eases your worries for their future education?

Today, Math Lobby is going to help you decipher this frequently-encountered problem and take the first step in teaching your child the importance of studying, so let’s begin!

1) Studying is boring

The advancement of technology and creative advertisements used by gaming companies are essentially the factors why your child prefer playing games rather than sitting down to study.

Studying is just simply too boring for teenagers to be interested in, the mundane routine that happens every single day, it just bores them out! I believe that most of us have seen what the contents of a textbook looks like: dry, abstract concepts that just makes you feel like sleeping once you start reading it.

If we feel this way, how can the teenagers feel intrigued in trying to explore more on it?

It is important that parents allocate time to try and communicate with their children, instead of just thinking of working hard, earn more money and spending it on endless assignment books for them to do, hoping that they will be able to improve through that.

Parents should talk to their child, understand their point of view, and find methods to make them interested. For instance, the creation of a Rube Goldberg Machines can be found in many videos on Youtube, which are essentially machines intentionally designed to complete a simple task in an indirect and overly complexed way.

Such things can be seen to be interesting to teenagers as they will get curious as to how such mechanisms work. From there, you can guide them towards the Physics aspects of the creation, such as topics like Conservation of Energy, Equilibrium of Moment, Centre of Gravity and many more! Through these approaches, it indirectly sparks their curiosity and will be eager to try and find out more on their own.

2) Lack of understanding on the importance of studying

During the teenage years of your child, they are still in the stage of going through adolescence, which means that maturity might not have struck them yet. Hence, they do not realize the importance of studying when they see people that makes a lot of money yet lacking education in their early years, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

However, they must understand the fact that they dropped out of what the world regarded as an extremely prestigious university to pursue their passion which is really risky and they already have prior knowledge to what they wanted to venture into!

In such a case, as a parent, you must slowly explain to them that having an education is indeed not the one-way ticket to success, and instead of focusing on the piece of certificate you will receive at the end of their education journey, they should be focused on knowing the importance of having the knowledge which they can apply in their life.

Regardless of whether if it is a soft skill – Interpersonal skills like teamwork, leadership and communication, or a hard skill – Technical knowledge or hands-on experience in a certain field of study, these are equally as important in the real-life application and can be obtained through their education.

And that’s all for today! Math Lobby hopes that you enjoyed reading this article and understood the underlying reasons why teenagers hate studying, and how you can take the first step to rectify the problem and have a better understanding of your child!

If you have any pending questions, please do go on to our Facebook page, Instagram or contact us directly at Math Lobby! We have certified mathematics tutors to aid you in your child’s journey to becoming a better student!

As always: Work hard, stay motivated and we wish all students a successful and enjoyable journey with Math Lobby!

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