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Study hard now or regret later

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Life is full of choices! Each day comes with something unique wrapped inside. It is up to you how you welcome the new things in life.

Many of us keep on thinking about past situations. Some thoughts about previous happenings keep invading our mind. Sometimes it is about making a change by altering a past situation. Maybe you keep on tracking certain situations from the past and think what could have happened if you have made choice B instead of A? What may have happened if I have made that decision?

While teaching our students at Math Lobby, we often observe such type of doubts in their mind. It is not just about the multiple-choice questions that you go through in exams. Even life also throws many multiple-choice questions in front of us at times. And we are supposed to make some careful decisions.

But what if we fail to decide it right at a certain incident. Is it going to destroy the entire life? No! The journey ahead is full of possibilities. We are supposed to make right choices. But how we decide whether it is right or wrong? This learning comes with experience. The teachings of life nourish our mind to make better choices ahead.

The thing is that you need not look back with intentions to make a change in the past. Rather, you should collect all the lessons and move forward to make a better tomorrow.

If you couldn’t perform well in the previous class doesn’t mean that you cannot score well in this class as well. You need to stay determined and focused on your targets. Just give your best and make the right choices today. You will see the difference, and it will work as a new study motivation for life.

The efforts that we make today to set up a beautiful tomorrow are worth. Make some quantitative and qualitative analysis of your present. Leave the past behind, accept things that happened yesterday, you cannot go back and make a change. But yes, you can be more thoughtful in the future and make the right choices by staying inspired by the lessons of life. You have a long journey to go; it will give many opportunities ahead. But it is up to you how you take up those happenings and what choices you make.

Even if you fail to choose right direction once, stay prepared for the next challenge and get ready to do well. Stay determined to achieve a big milestone ahead and take smart steps to lead a remarkable journey. We are all born for some purpose. Don’t let your life pass with regrets of past. Get ready to make a change for today, and it will reflect a bright future.

Know that all decisions have their unique importance:

Whenever you feel depressed regarding some decision, you made in the past, just be assured that not all the decisions are same. Successful people always make efforts to recognize big, small, and medium decisions.

The small decisions are like what you should wear, what you should eat. They are not going to make a big impact on your life. And if you spend more time thinking about them, you are actually wasting your time.

Medium decisions, on the other side, may impact your life for a few months or years. It may be regarding settling up with some roommate during your college life.

Bigger decisions leave more impact on your life so successful people always stay more careful making such decisions.

The idea is to know your goals that are associated with each decision. It will help you to navigate the possibilities, and you will find ways to make better choices. When you are preparing for exams, you should always know your goals. It will motivate you to work hard up to that level. Identify your priorities in life and then give them favourable treatment while making decisions. Make sure you judge good and bad of choice and then make up your mind to go ahead with the best one.

The pain of bad decisions that you made in the past:

We all make some poor decisions in life. Even successful people are not always right. They are made out of the positive actions that they take every next day. The best part is that successful people don’t act for the painful decisions that they made in the past. They just keep evidence of bad decisions and take the lessons out of that.

They learn from their mistakes and adjust their life for better possibilities ahead. The continue making purposeful decisions at present, without regretting about the past.

They accept the thing that they cannot go back to make a change to that situation. Rather, they take the opportunity to do something better today so that they need not regret again in future.

Believe in yourself:

The key to making successful and positive decisions in life is to believe in yourself. Even if you have made some wrong decisions sometimes in life, they have created some experiences for your journey ahead. Take up those lessons and make some purposeful choices for the future.

Don’t worry about what happened in the past. That time is gone now. You have a beautiful present in your hand that could lead to a welcoming future. Just trust yourself. Your conscious has the power to guide you on the right path.

Even if it is just about preparing for your exams, you need to know the right study tips and how to study smart. Take some motivation from every incident of your life and be open to new possibilities that have the potential to add new adventure in the coming phases.

You have the potential to make a change. Don’t let that dye in the regrets of your past decisions. Just prepare yourself for the current circumstances and get ready to cherish a new tomorrow.

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